Write to your local cinema

If there isn’t a cinema near you showing Miracles from Heaven (here’s the current list), why not contact your favourite local cinema and ask them to show it? We know a lot of people for whom this has worked, particularly if multiple people request the film and/or you can promise them a guaranteed group booking.

To do so:

  1. Use Yell or Google to find the email (or postal) address of your local cinema (e.g. search: “contact details <cinema name>”)
  2. Send them an email or letter asking them to show the film – for ease we’ve provided some sample text below
  3. OR – just visit and see if you can put your request in person to the manager

Sample text for email:

Dear cinema manager,

My community and I are very excited about the upcoming release of ‘Miracles from Heaven’ and are keen to see the film as soon as possible. It isn’t clear whether you are currently planning to show it, but we’d like to register our enthusiasm!

Please put on some screenings of ‘Miracles from Heaven’ as we’d love to support our local cinema rather than going elsewhere or waiting for the DVD.

Many thanks,

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